Oak Hills Research QRP 20/40 Transciever

I picked up this OHR radio at a ham swap meet in 2002, and brought it home. It gathered dust for a few months, then with an approaching camping trip I decided I wanted to try portable QRP. Unfortunately, the little radio is a repair project. One knob won't stay on, and it was dead with no receive or transmit.

Despite a bit of web searching, I had trouble finding out much about it.. The people at Oak Hills Research couldn't figure it out based on my description, as the company has changed hands and is focused on it's current products.

A post to the QRP mailing list did wonders. I got back a lot of information abou the rig and hopefully will get it on the air soon.

Here's some of what I found out:

Despite the apparent model name "QRP 20/40", this is a mono-band rig. I thought it was dual band due to that name, but it took me a while to notice (doh !) that it doesn't have a bandswitch, as traditionally found on multi-band radios. Instead, it could be purchased as a 40M or 20M version.

The circuit board is single-sided with a ton of white wire jumpers. It uses a variety of ICs and transisitors.

The cabinet is made by TenTec, and came pre-painted for all the controls.

The May 1992 QST magazine has a review of the OHR 20/40. If you're a member of the ARRL, you can download it from their web site. They give it a pretty good review, comparing it to the Heathkit HW-9 in general performance. They have a few suggestions for tweaking the radio, such as shifting the center frequency of the audio filter and setting the sidetone to match the AF filter center frequency.

A very helpful ham is sending my a copy of the schematic and alignment instructions, so hopefully I can open it up and eventually get it on the air.

If anyone has more information on this radio, please let me know.

- Dave W6OT

email to : <my call>@arrl.net