Model Ship "Haabet Marstal"

This is a model ship a friend recently gave to me. I have no information about it's past, other than it has been sitting in storage for the past 15 to 20 years and came from an estate before then.

The rigging has some serious damage, plus there are a few smaller parts broken or missing. I'm going to try and fix it up, as someone put a lot of work into making this model and it should be beautiful if I can get it cleaned up and repaired.

If anyone has information on the type of ship, pictures or drawings of similar real ships that can help me sort out the rigging or actual history, please send me an email at "dave at".

The only writing on the ship or base is the name on the stern. I have been told that "Haabet" is Danish for "Hope" and "Marstal" is a city in Denmark.

Marstal is a small town in a remote part of Denmark. with a long maritime and shipbuilding history.

It does have a maritime museam, however, which I've written for any information but haven't received a reply yet. If you pick the "Artikler" menu item, then under the history section there is an English article about the area and town.

The hull is about 19" long and 27" keel to tip of the mast.

The design appears to be a type called a jagt or jacht. There a pictures of similar ships on the web.

Some details at the stern. You can see the difference in the deck between what I've first cleaned and the layer of dust on the below the second boat.

The anchors are metal, but most everything else is made from wood.

The spar (?) for the sail is hanging down to the right of the mast in the following picture. I need to figure out where this should go and how the rigging attaches.

Some of the blocks and rigging near the top of the mast:


Ships Named "Haabet" or "Håbet"

The ship Anna af Sand was originally named Haabet and is documented at the Stavanger Museam web site in Norway.

There are two ships of this name at but neither look like the this one - they are listed with 24 and 32 guns, which wouldn't match this size.

At Tall Ship Fan, using Advanced search for Jagt type of rigging results in some interesting ships and photos.